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ABC Early Childhood Learning Center :

Thank You all so much for assisting and taking care of my little Jayden. Being a parent and raising children isn't easy; but being a grandparent raising grandchildren is a class all by itself. While my daughter was away in Iraq even though for a very brief period you and your center provided superb care for Jayden. Everyday I dropped him off I left feeling great knowing that he would be provided for physically, mentally and emotionally! You are GREAT!

~ T.J. 

We cannot say enough good things about your establishment. We feel so honored to have been a part of it. Your teachers and ABC staff went above and beyond to make our children feel welcome! 

~ Jon and Debbie S.

There is no other "facility" on Earth that I would take my 5 year old to other than ABC Early Childhood Learning Center (on Rt. 4 and Bypass 4 - next to Bob Evans) I was able to stay home the first 3 years of each one of my children's lives (they are now 14, 16 & 5) I would never consider anything other than staying home with them and then with family friend "home care setting" ... until last year! I was in a HUGE pickle with the sudden loss of my friend moving (with no notice, went on vacation and never came back) so I took 3 days off work to figure things out. Long story short, I walked into ABC and felt like family immediately. My daughter has grown soooooo much and is way over qualified for Kindergarten which she started last week They are amazing there and have taught her writing skills, Spanish, etc. etc. I assure you that it is worth it and then some! OH - they have cameras that I watch periodically during the day to see my little princess! They transport to Edgewood Schools too! 

~ Amber K.

We are sad to leave ABC but we are so glad we found your center when we did. We think Keira did very well while she was at ABC. She has alot of great teachers that I know she will miss. We wish you all the Best Wishes with your facilities and family at ABC ECLC.

~ Scott and Karen R.

We would be lost without ABC ECLC. We wanted to find a school that would prepare our child for kindergarten. After touring many centers we felt hopeless. Until we found ABC. We knew right away our son would thrive. And he has tested very high in his Kindergarten screening, we are so proud! Thanks ABC!

~ Albert and Alison L.

Thank You for taking wonderful care of Chelsey. Thank You for playing with her, making her smile and laugh and giving her lots of hugs!

~ Mrs. H.

Thank You so much for the "Mommies with Muffins" morning! It was a treat to slow down, see my son in his morning environment, and be recognized as a MOM. Your efforts, dedication and kindness are not unnoticed.

~ Jemel W.

Thank You so much for everything you have done for Nathan. We really enjoyed our time at ABC and wish you all the success! If we are lucky enough for a new addition to our family ... we know where to go.

~ Craig and Heather M.

Thanks for all that you do! We love ABC! It's all because of YOU! Stay in touch & see you soon!

~ The Butler Family

Makennah always received excellent care at your facility. I tell everyone that I can that ABC is the BEST around. You should be very proud of having such a great place for little people to grow! I can not Thank You enough for the kindness that you have shown my family!

~ Alice G. and Family

Thank You for taking such great care of MacKenzie. She is turning into a delightful young lady and I contribute most of that to the wonderful teachers at ABC. Once Again, all my thanks and appreciation.

~ Chad and Wendy H.

We just wanted to say "Thank You" for providing such a great facility for our daughter. Mikaela has grown so much since she started at ABC - in so many ways, This facility has been a wonderful experience for her and a great place for her to learn so many new things.

~ The Elliott Family

Thank You for spending time with my students from my Administration Class. It was an important part of their learning is to witness programs in action! I know that it takes time out of a busy owner's day to donate extra time to talk and share.

~ Sandy Owen - Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

Thanks to you and your staff for making ABC a place that is caring and nurturing! After our first daycare experience, I was" on the lookout" for problems - but have had nothing but the most positive experience since we have been at ABC! Joshua has benefited so much and grown enormously since he has been at ABC and we will truly miss you all! Tootle's!

~ Tracy and Darren I.

I can not begin to tell you how much it has meant to us that you have taken the care and genuine interest in his development. Your center has gone through new changes and transformations. Your management team has worked hard to build trust with parents and your staff's quality and programming continues to grow. 

~ Sharon C.

Thank You making ABC a "Home away from Home" a safe and fun place for my two little girls!

~ Mr and Mrs Rick B.

Thank You so much for donating the turkeys and canned goods. We will use these gifts in the Christmas food baskets for our neighbors in need. Your support is very much appreciated!

~ Bunny Borchelt - Son Ministries


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